Have you always loved driving and wanted to exploit the potential of your car in a safe environment without spending a small fortune? Are you a motorsport fan who has always dreamed of a simple but thrilling way to get involved in motorsport yourself? Or are you simply an adrenaline junky seeking a new affordable thrill at the weekend?

Whatever your motivation, the Scottish Road Car Series offers the opportunity for anyone with a road going car to enjoy the thrill of motorsport in a safe, affordable and fun way.

Whilst the events are competitive, the emphasis is on having fun in your car and enjoying some friendly but close competition with others. You do not need a specially modified car or a Swiss bank account to take part. All you need is a road car, full driving licence and a sense of adventure!

It’s hard to be number one
but it’s even harder to stay there
because everyone is trying
to knock you off the top

Alan McNish

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SRCS events are run to a high standard by the following MSA affiliated motor sports clubs:


Scottish Motor Sports

Despite the country’s size, Scotland enjoys a proud motorsport heritage and indeed, is only one of five nations in the world to have produced world champions on two, three and four wheels. As the development body for motorsport in Scotland, Scottish Motor Sports works to get more people taking part in motorsport at grassroots level, whilst also working to support young talent to ensure that Scotland continues to produce winners on the international stage. Even away from the heat of competition… Scotland’s automotive and motor sporting heritage is like haggis: rich, proud and memorable.

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