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Posted 16 Mar 2018

2018 Scottish Road Car Series Launches

We are delighted to the launch the 2018 Scottish Road Car Series, which is intended to act as an accessible new entry point into motorsport in Scotland. Anyone with a valid driving licence and a road going vehicle will be eligible to enter the series – which will run over 10 rounds at various locations in Scotland – making it accessible to a broad range of people across the country.

The events will be permitted and insured by the UK governing body for motorsport, the Motor Sports Association (MSA). The series will be promoted by Scottish Sporting Car Club, who will share the running of the individual events with a further 4 experienced MSA affiliated clubs.

Competitions will be held at a mixture of tracks and open tarmac spaces, where courses of different configurations will be laid out using markers. Participants will be competing against the clock in these events with the aim of the game being to drive the course in the correct configuration, without hitting any markers.

The competition will put emphasis on driver skill. Certain courses will of course suit some cars better than others but it will not necessarily be an advantage to have a high performance car, so you should be as competitive in a Ford Fiesta as in a Ferrari 458!

Full details on calendar, registration and event format can be found on this new website but, in short, the Scottish Road Car Series is all about making motorsport accessible, enjoyable and affordable; there is no need to decipher complex regulations, spend a fortune on a specialist car or pass a test to compete. Instead, you can enter events with a few clicks of a button from your sofa and turn up in your weekly run around to enjoy some friendly but competitive fun, for less than the cost of an average round of golf!


Rory Bryant, Scottish Motor Sports Development Manager and series coordinator, commented: 

“I’m really excited about the launch of this new series. In the modern world we live in, we – as a sport – have to work hard to keep up with ever evolving customer needs. The SRCS will provide our volunteer led clubs with a platform to help meet some of these evolving needs and in turn, it will also provide participants with a cost effective and easy way to enjoy motorsport.


Whilst this announcement reflects a forward thinking and modern approach for grass roots motorsport in Scotland, for me, one of nice things about the series is that it actually captures the spirit of grassroots motorsport from yesteryear, where participants competed in a variety of different motorsport events- rally’s, sprints, races – in their everyday road car!


I’m really looking forward to seeing the SRCS grow this year but for now, I would like to say a big thank you to all the contributors and organising clubs for their considerable efforts in getting the series to this stage.”


More news will be released about the series in the coming weeks, including announcements on prizes and series partners.

Watch this space!