It is only those who have won with
integrity and care,
who have become universally regarded
as successful.

Jackie Stewart

2018 Calendar

(Dates and locations are subject to change. Click on round for event information)
  • 1
    Round 1 14th Apr Ardeer

    Scottish Sporting Car Club

  • 2
    Round 2 28th Apr Knockhill

    Glenrothes Motor Sports Club

  • 3
    Round 3 27th May Boyndie

    63 Car Club

  • 4
    Round 4 17th Jun Errol Airfield

    Saltire Rally Club

  • 5
    Round 5 15th Jul


  • 6
    Round 6 19th Aug Leuchars

    Glenrothes Motor Sports Club

  • 7
    Round 7 2nd Sep Kames

    East Ayrshire Car Club

  • 8
    Round 8 22nd Sep Ardeer

    Scottish Sporting Car Club

  • 9
    Round 9 6th Oct Errol Airfield

    Saltire Rally Club

  • 10
    Round 10 21st Oct Kames

    East Ayrshire Car Club

  • PosNameTotal
    1Steven McConnell40
    2Aaron Smillie34
    3Bob Mather32
    4Ryan Gardiner32
    5Richard Fairlie31
    6John Macleod30
    7Dominic Shanahan28
    8William Douglas Stuart McDougall28
    9Alasdair Tannock25
    10Iain Buchanan22
    11Lauren Austen-Maycock20
    12Andrew Park16
    13Andrew MacDonald15
    14Craig Neil12
    15Scott Clements12
    16Martin Wijetunga11
    17Iain Braithwaite11
    18Mark Cuthbert10
    19Jim Wilson10
    20Fraser Menzies10
    21Mathew Walker9
    22David Aitken8
    23Liam Hughes4
    24Michael McAlinden1
    25Taimur Shoaib0

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Scottish Motor Sports

Despite the country’s size, Scotland enjoys a proud motorsport heritage and indeed, is only one of five nations in the world to have produced world champions on two, three and four wheels. As the development body for motorsport in Scotland, Scottish Motor Sports works to get more people taking part in motorsport at grassroots level, whilst also working to support young talent to ensure that Scotland continues to produce winners on the international stage. Even away from the heat of competition… Scotland’s automotive and motor sporting heritage is like haggis: rich, proud and memorable.

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