Posted 08 May 2018

Scottish Road Car Series partners with Tartan Tarmac

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Scottish motoring website, Tartan Tarmac. The group, who boast the tag-line “motorvating Scotland” operates a website and forum that aims engage all with an interest in motoring. From running car breakfast meetings, to writing motoring reviews and making imaginative motoring video’s, Tartan Tarmac provides an engaging platform for all with a motoring interest in Scotland to connect and share their passion for motoring.

The Tartan Tarmac team have partnered with the Scottish Road Car Series to produce some exciting promotional and information videos to help get more people involved in road car sport. Series coordinator, Rory Bryant, says this is a very important partnership to help spread the word about the SRCS

“We’re really pleased to be working with Tartan Tarmac; the short video’s they have pulled together really help to capture the excitement of taking part in road car sport and will help us to spread the word about getting involved in a visual way.”

John Steele from Tartan Tarmac was equally positive about the new partnership, and feels that working with the SRCS could also help to provide a new place for some of the TT following to enjoy their cars:

“It’s exciting to be able to expand what we do in TT into a motorsport series. Many of our followers – who would love to get involved in motorsport – will find that being able to jump in their road car with only their driving license and join the road car series, is exactly what they’re looking for.”

The first of the videos can be viewed on our new Youtube channel at: